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Body Lift Contour

A Body Lift, also known as the Belt Lipectomy or Lower Body Lift, is a surgical treatment that offers probably the most remarkable transformation of the mid and lower body. It gets rid of excess skin and fat from the abdomen, hips, outer thighs, and buttocks. To eliminate the skin and fat, an incision is made approximately the entire lower body, in a Circumference. Skin and fat are taken off, your stomach muscles are tightened, and the incision is made firmly to contour the body.

Full Body Lift Reshapes and Reduces Excess Skin

A well-toned body with smooth contours is not easy to come by. In order to have a well-toned body, people must practice eating healthy along with an exercise program. However, no matter how healthy the diet or how much exercise a person does it is not possible to achieve desired results. Diet and exercise alone cannot always correct loose, sagging skin or uneven contours. There are many factors that contribute to poor tissue elasticity. Sagging of the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms are all the results of aging, sun damage, pregnancy, fluctuations in body weight and genetic factors.

People who have tried diet and exercise without success, may be want to think about a body lift. A body lift should be considered by individuals who want a firmer, more youthful looking body contour. A body lift cosmetic plastic surgery procedure reduces excess fat and skin. A body lift results in smoother skin and more defined body contours. In addition, a body lift can improve your body image and do wonders for your self-confidence.

1.What is a Body Lift?

A body lift is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that is performed to correct excess loose and sagging skin. A body lift can also address irregular contours of the abdominal area, buttocks, groin, thigh and upper arms.

A body lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. In the body lift procedure, excess sagging fat and skin is removed. The body lift will improve trouble areas caused by poor tissue elasticity. A body lift can also improve a dimpled, irregular skin surface. This condition is commonly known as cellulite.

People who only need to remove excess fat should not choose to have a body lift. If the skin has good elasticity, then liposuction can remove excess fat deposits. However, in cases where the skin has poor elasticity and there is excess fat, a combination of liposuction and body lift is recommended.

Individuals with pronounced soft tissue looseness in one or several body areas may be good candidates for the body lift cosmetic surgery procedure. Body lift candidates should be healthy individuals, non-smokers, with a positive outlook and realistic goals and expectations.

To find out if a body lift is right for you, it is important to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Peter Schwartz at his Woodbury Long Island Cosmetic Plastic Surgery facility. In this consultation, you will learn how the body lift procedures can improve your body contours. It is important to discuss your specific goals and Dr. Schwartz will help to construct a personalized plan to fit your needs.

Of all the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, body lift is the only procedure that can restore body contouring, body shape, skin appearance, and skin tone in patients with poor skin elasticity. Sometimes other body contouring procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck, breast lift or male or female breast reduction may be performed in conjunction with a body lift. However, every patient is not necessarily a good candidate for combined procedures. Your case will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Body lift results will be visible almost immediately. However, over time the final results of a body lift will fully developed. The incisions lines will fade to some degree and they can usually be hidden by most clothing and swimsuits. The results of a body lift should be long lasting as long as the patient maintains their weight and general fitness. Most of the results of the body lift cosmetic plastic surgery procedure are permanent.

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