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Liposuction Surgery

If you want quick results on trimming your waistline, you probably want to think about lipo treatment. Starting today, you can arrange your lipo examination with Dr. Schwartz within our office in Long Island, NY. We can get rid of the pockets of fat from the body that you can't do with physical exercise. Dr. Schwartz can liposuction just about any portion of your body from the waist, hips, inner & upper thighs, backside, knees, to even your love handles plus much more.

Even though liposuction can transform your appearance and boost your self-confidence, you may not be able to reach the look you truly want. The best way to know if lipo is correct for you is to schedule a free consultation appointment to meet with Dr. Schwartz in our Long Island office. During your liposuction consultation, he will talk about your alternatives, talk about the procedure in great detail, and reveal body liposuction before and after pictures from his practice. He can also give you a price for lipo surgery.

Did you know that liposuction is the number one aesthetic treatment for both women and men within the Log Island area and in the United States? It has celebrated over 20 years of results and is now safer with more expected results than ever before. The best liposuction applicants we speak to from Long Island are people of normal weight with isolated areas that are resistant to exercise and diet. Liposuction can significantly improve contour and structure a more complementary shape by taking away these fatty deposits very quickly.

We are fully dedicated to supplying all of our patients in Long Island the most dependable, most comfortable, and most enjoyable experience possible.

Each lipo patient's needs depends on the quantity of fat that is present under the skin in addition to the skin's flexibility. At your complimentary liposuction consultation, liposuction practitioner Dr. Schwartz will review with you the improvement that you can expect to obtain. Your lipo surgery will be conducted in our accredited and licensed outpatient surgery facility situated in our beautiful Long Island plastic surgery center. Every one of our liposuction patients leaves the center after a brief stay in our recovery room. Your follow-up visits will be booked at our Long Island office.

Patients that who are given local anesthesia can leave our Long Island clinic soon as they are up to it. On the other hand, people who experience general anesthesia are more likely to stay in our medical facility for a longer period. When it comes to bruising and inflammation, Dr. Schwart's liposuction cosmetic assistance will make a compression garment and provide the appropriate medications to speed up the recovery process. Patients are expected to keep the bandage on until the next visit. They are also required to take antibiotics after the surgery. If pain and inflammation persist after surgery, we may suggest painkillers.

It's important to put on your compression garment as instructed by the doctor after lipo surgery. Don't expect to be up and going for walks right away, as having good circulation is an essential part of the recovery process. You can start to see results about one month after lipo. The total healing process can usually take about six months.

For more details about liposuction, please contact our Long Island office today. We have dedicated staff members who can answer any questions you may have regarding Liposuction .

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